Chennai Volunteers is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to foster civic engagement and ensure that non-profits can engage with volunteers in a sustainable and meaningful way. For the past eleven years, CV has worked towards enhancing awareness on the role of individuals in society. We drive civic engagement by helping volunteers make meaningful skill and time contribution to deserving NGOs and marginalised communities. Chennai Volunteers is a social initiative of Giving Matters Foundation, a philanthropic organisation that supports several charities, fosters the spirit of giving, by leveraging technology and encouraging transparency in giving.

As a volunteering initiative Chennai Volunteers:
• Facilitates volunteerism by reaching out to different sections and age-groups of people with the idea of ‘flexible volunteering’.
• Create an identity for social service that is proactive and innovative.
• Promote the values of volunteering by creating a dynamic identity for the concept of ‘service hour’.
• Build and reinforce volunteer networks across cities.
• Impacts policy by driving change at grass root, to create a shift towards volunteering and empathy.
• Drives research on volunteerism and its best practices.

The Chennai Volunteers Promise:
• To enhance your volunteer experience.
• To give you a first-hand opportunity to hone your ability, skill, personal strengths, and teamwork dynamics.
• To enhance and improve volunteering practices.
• To build a supportive infrastructure for giving back.

The CV web portal is a dynamic tool for volunteers to find various opportunities to share and care, locate local partners, besides enabling NGOs to share resources and exchange best practices, 24×7. Created by like-minded professionals, the Chennai Volunteers’ core team represents a broad cross-section of society who serve in a voluntary capacity. They hope to facilitate the process of building a more supportive infrastructure for non- profit organisations, besides enhancing the experience of volunteers, and creating awareness on social issues.