Remote Volunteering

Remote Volunteering has helped us emerge stronger, with further reach for higher impact. The format has developed drastically but our vision stays unchanged. Here are some volunteering opportunities that await you if you are a computer savvy kindred soul, with time on hand.
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  • Teach Online

    If you are great at communicating, volunteer online for young children who are confined in a small space, with no school, no visitors and no recreation.

    • Conversational English
    • Computer Skills
    • Math Concepts
    • Tutoring for high school students

    All sessions are for an hour and it is best to do this as a small group. The sessions take place in the mornings or afternoons depending on the schedules of the students. This is a long term volunteering option and will need your commitment for at least 2 hours a week for 6 months. 

  • Career Guidance for deserving students in senior schools and colleges

    Hold a workshop for college students and senior school students from less fortunate backgrounds, explaining how career options will be different in post-covid times.

  • Life Skills and soft skills training programme

    A programme for women in rural parts of Tamil Nadu. If you are a trainer, reach out to women in deserving communities to teach them more on

    • Motivation
    • Health and Hygiene
    • Financial Sustainability
    • Communication skills
    • Problem Solving and team building
    • Grooming and body language
    • Time Management
    • Leadership
  • Financial literacy session for women

    Have a penchant for personal finance? Reach out to the women who could use your advice.

    • Be financially wise – financial sustainability
    • Make the right choices
  • Tech Volunteering

    Virtual learning and teaching means that our teachers and students need to acquire the skill set to do so effectively.

    • Train teachers to equip them with skills to teach virtually
    • Train women from deserving communities
    • Train students from deserving schools in rural parts
    • Design an app for an NGO
  • Design Volunteering

    If you are a graphic designer and want to share your passion, help small NGOs that have to create their presence online completely.

    • Design a new/ updated website for an NGO
    • Help an NGO create their newsletter
    • Handle social media or digital media for an NGO
  • Writing Opportunities

    If you are a professional writer, you can help many NGOs across our city:

    • Create content for a new/ updated website for an NGO
    • Write an online newsletter for an NGO
    • Handle social media or digital media for an NGO
    • Write proposals, newspaper articles and newsletters for NGOs. The coming year will be a challenging one for all NGOs to raise funds.
    • Help us at ChennaiVolunteers draft our modules for non profits!
  • Audio Book Creation

    Record an audio book for visually challenged college students so they can study well.

  • Psychology Counselling

    Work to help those who need it the most care for their mental health as well. If you are a psychiatrist or even a mature volunteer, help by reaching out to people who need counselling over the phone.

  • Professional Pro-Bono Services

    Help NGOs close their books for the year, or draft their legal documents. Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant or business expert, there’s definitely an NGO out there that could benefit from your advice!

  • Sponsor

    Sponsor a special meal or material for an NGO and help out to whatever extent you can. Every drop counts!