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Fashion for Every Occasion
Fashion for Every Occasion
Find Your Perfect Apparel
Find Your Perfect Apparel

Indulge in a curated collection that effortlessly blends the latest trends with timeless elegance. From sophisticated evening wear that commands attention to laid-back ensembles perfect for embracing life's everyday adventures, our range caters to every facet of your personality.

About Us

Crafting Quality Apparel with Passion and Precision

GSONS Industries is a diversified group of companies with a strong management team led by Mr. V.M. Gangadharam, Mr. G. Viswanathan, and Mr. V.M.G. Mayuresan. We venture into the apparel manufacturing market with a mission of creating over 30,000 jobs worldwide.
Our Fashion Division specializes in handling the complete source-to-supply chain and supplying premium fabrics, clothing, and accessories to the international market. We specialize in producing custom-made woven, knit, and denim clothing and offer specialized solutions at affordable rates.

Our executive team

Our Fashion Division is dynamic and forward-thinking, and they are always willing to go above and beyond in their quest for excellence and innovation.

Our staff

Our staff has the innate capacity to recognize the needs of our clients and strives, with an entrepreneurial spirit, to meet those demands.

We promote

Innovation, teamwork, and ongoing education to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing fashion industry.

What we do

Our Management Team

The Pillars Of Fashion-Division

We are dedicated to providing

Tailored solutions that elevate your brand and drive success in the fashion and apparel industries.
Contact us today to embark on a journey of excellence together.